• Using scenario planning techniques, worked with major consultancy company to advise power utility client on the most robust and best value power generating technology portfolio for the next wave of power station investments.
  • Troubleshooting engineering problem solving in the production facility of an innovative manufacturer of PV cells to improve yield, improve ageing performance and reduce incidence of shunts, using novel statistical analysis techniques to augment the outstanding specialist deterministic skills of the incumbent engineering team.
  • Developed a comprehensive review of energy demand and supply forecasts for a complete country, conducted an asset inventory and technology review and used the outcomes to develop a robust plan to capitalise on the economic opportunities offered by the low carbon electricity revolution.
  • Supported the development of an innovative technology to imbed current and voltage sensors in electricity supply junction boxes, plugs and switches to provide wirelessly enabled intelligent power control for users and providers at accessible cost.
  • Provided potential investors with a rigorous engineering and economic assessment of a novel clean electricity generating technology utilising steam heated by solar power.
  • Provided expert advice to major international civil engineering consulting company on energy strategy and its implications for the built environment and the transport infrastructure.